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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge nursing service?

Concierge nursing bridges the gap between the traditional medical model and holistic care. Traditional medical care is restrictive, rigid, and dependent on a patient’s health insurance policy. Instead of being a consumer, the concierge patient participates in the discussion of the course of treatment and care delivery. This approach allows for a focused and tailored checkup, a detailed assessment and diagnosis, and treatment for clients who choose this type of service. ICN is always available for advice and consultation. This may help the client avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care. ICN collaborates with our Medical Director to help you understand your care plan fully and to reconcile differences that may result when multiple physicians or services are making recommendations. ICN has been developed in an attempt to fix the ongoing problem of government and insurance mandated protocols. These restrictions constrain both the patient and physician’s control over the treatment option. Furthermore, because traditional care is dependent on the patient’s insurance policy, comprehensive care and facilitation are sometimes overlooked. ICN takes a collaborative approach to streamline your health in order to deliver a more personalized and focused patient experience.

What makes a concierge nursing client unique?


What makes this model unique is that patient assistance goes beyond the walls of the hospital. Concierge nurses are trained to meet the patient where they are at, whether it be recovering from a surgery in an Airbnb, residing in a facility, or needing assistance in the home. The benefits of concierge nursing reach both the patient and the healthcare industry. It is a way for the healthcare and hospital system to deliver a new approach to collaborative discharge planning. For nurses, concierge nursing promises more autonomy and independent practice which in turn reduces chronic burnout and on the job stress. This guarantees quality patient outcomes and nursing work satisfaction.

What does a concierge nurse do?


In most cases, a concierge nurse is an independent practicing RN, meaning they do not have to be employed through a hospital system, agency, or physician. The concierge RN has autonomy in assisting the client to build the plan of care that best suits their needs. Under supervision and physician orders, the RN may work within their scope of practice to meet the client where they are at holistically.

Does insurance cover concierge nursing services?

It is important to note that a concierge nursing service is not part of an insurance policy. Concierge nurses are not permitted to submit claims in place of the patients. Although the additional expense of using a concierge nursing service may appear discouraging, the value-added component of focused and personalized patient care is worth every penny. For one thing, the existing healthcare model is inherently constrained, thus additional costs may be inevitable.

Where do I need to reside?


ICN will come to your safe environment.

Opportunities include: Home, Facility, Airbnb, Office, Bedside

Does ICN communicate with your primary care physician?

We work on behalf of your PCP to ensure your healthcare needs are met. ICN also has a dedicated Medical Director for ancillary support when needed. All ICN clients will have frequent case reviews with our Medical Director and updates can be sent directly to your PCP.

How many hours can ICN provide?

An individualized plan of care is developed to meet your needs. Some clients utilize ICN 4 hours a day, others 24 hours.

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